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Painting with only two colors! How to work with greys?

acrylic paint on paper

Introduction: Acrylic Paint on Paper

While filling in your sketchbooks, you might have faced difficulty multiple times – where you are at a shortage of colors and you are left with few choices for painting on paper.Read More

The primary characteristics of colors

When working with colors on your drawing sketchbook, you should be well-acquainted with their inherent characteristics. Let’s do a quick rundown before proceeding to paint with two colors and create greys. Read More

How can mixing those rich greys work wonders on your drawing sketchbook?

When you are ready with the paper for painting with acrylics by your side and want to recreate a natural phenomenon, you should clearly understand the basics of color intensity. The colors available to us online or from stores are hard as muted or soothing as naturally found. Nature has adorned the surroundings with its own set of colors that profoundly impact our minds and souls with their charm and radiance. Read More

Why do you need greys?

Greys are some of the most delicate instruments to tone down or knock down the intensity of colors, and this improves the value of the colors and gives the painting structure and depth. Every color you are using while painting on paper has its highest saturation point or intensity, and you can effectively use greys to tone that down.Read More

Using two colors to obtain greys

When putting acrylic paint on paper or your drawing sketchbook, you can try the following strategies to obtain greys and offer enhanced depth and value to your creations.Read More

Final thoughts

Working with two colors while creating a flurry of things on your sketchbooks can be pretty limiting. However, the human mind is boundless, and hence it has found out the remedies that let it break out of those limitations! Following the above directions and improvising on your own will enable you to use your paper for painting with acrylics more constructively and continue your creative journey.

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