How to make a violet color by mixing two colors with acrylic paints?

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Secondary colors like violet are critical tools for the artist when putting acrylic paint on paper. They help set your boundless creativity and imagination on fire and create fantastic images in your sketchbooks. Violets are also present in nature’s aesthetics, although highly muted and less intense than the violet that you get in the form of readymade acrylic paints that come in tubes.

Why is violet an essential secondary color?

For artists, the color palette is boundless. If they intend to create the most extraordinary depictions of nature or their imaginations on sketch pads, many hues and shades are required. Although several artists can work with just a couple of basic or primary colors and create a variety of secondary colors from them, some might need multiple primary and secondary colors and mix them in varying proportions to get their desired effects Read More

How to mix two colors to create clean violet in your sketchbook for acrylic painting?

The color violet is not very new, and it dates to prehistoric ages when traces of the violet was created by crushing manganese ore and mixing it with animal fat. However, we have come far ahead of that time, and now we can get a fresh, rich mix of violet by combining a couple of colors in the ideal proportions. However, since you will be painting on paper and using your sketchbook for drawing, the bias, saturation, and tone of violet you need will solely depend upon you. The color mixing should happen likewise Read More

Mixing red and blue to get violet

Before we go into the intricacies of mixing two colors and obtaining violet, we must remember that the red or blue that we know or come by is not even close to the ‘primary red’ or ‘primary blue’ required to create violet. In this regard, the colors most comparable to these primary

forms of red and blue are magenta and cyan. Magenta and cyan are the essential components for an artist to obtain violet on his color palette by mixing them in the right amount Read More

Final thoughts

You can use various mixes while acrylic painting on paper to obtain subtle violet hues that are earthy and often found in nature. On the other hand, you can also get misty violet hues by mixing other essential pigments and varying their proportions. It would help if you never forgot that white could be a friend in need during these situations when you are trying to tone down the intensity of the violet obtained Read More.

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