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Tejaswini M.S

Acrylic paper
Acrylic paper

Artist Spotlight: Tejaswini M.S.

Tejaswini is extraordinarily talented. She gives her work the time it needs to attain perfection. A realist painter by nature, she likes working on other genres as well. She is also interested in photography and has captured beautiful moments from nature.

I’m Tejaswini hailing from Banglore, India. My fascination with art started at a very young age. My school in turn motivated me, and i have won many national awards. However, there was a disconnection when i entered college.

I know how difficult it is to get back to your hobby once you leave it. How did you manage to get through that phase?

During my engineering days, one of my friends introduced Instagram to me. Intrigued by seeing other artist’s work and my inner burning desire for art came alive, and I started observing the usage of different mediums. I practiced them whenever I could. I began to invest in a few artist grade art supplies after that. 

I practice acrylic, graphite, and charcoal, oil, and watercolors.

Tejaswini M.S

Interview with Tejaswini

Acrylic paper

When was your first ever try with art?

When I was around seven years of age, I had a look at a cup and saucer picture in my friend’s book. I knew that I had to draw it, and I did. That is the first drawing of mine, which I surely remember.

Which medium is your favorite?

I practice acrylic, graphite, and charcoal, oil, and watercolors. But, I love acrylics the most.

Which genre of art inspires you the most?

Nature, Indian artworks, handicrafts, and traditional paintings are my inspiration. Artworks with intricate details blow my mind. I love to add as many features as possible in my pictures.

Which style fascinates you the most?

Recently, I started painting from imagination and conceptual themes. I love painting mythological subjects as it helps me to enhance my creativity by brainstorming to design a frame.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are collecting photographs of animals and nature from newspapers and magazines, reading books, studying art, and learning different languages.

Acrylic paper

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