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  1. Sketchbooks: 140 GSM paper 50pages/100 sides hard bound

  2. Watercolor book: 270 GSM 100% cotton watercolor books

  3. Acrylic books: 260 GSM acrylic paper
  4. Camel watercolor paints
  5. Camel acrylic paints
  6. Paint brushes
  7. pens
  8. Acrylic colors
  9. Calendar

and much more

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Sketchbooks are journals, a pad, or a book with blank pages. Students and artists use it for drawing, painting, and creative writing. We can use it to write notes and for drawings. Sketchbooks can be of various sizes, shapes, colors, cover, and the number of pages. The concept of sketchbooks is to provide readily available drawing paper in the form of a book, which makes it convenient for artists to store their works. Through these sketchbooks, we can analyze our progress from time to time.

Essential points to consider while selecting your sketchbooks

Sketchbooks with appropriate paper thickness:While choosing a drawing book apart from the paper thickness, it’s essential to know how your painting ability. From my experience lately, I have seen this fantastic artist on Instagram create magic on a 140 gsm paper. She has painted at least five layers of negative painting on 140 GSM paper. Whereas some artist is still trying to do the same on 270 GSM watercolor paper. I’m trying to say is it’s essential to understand the composition and how to use the paper and not just look for its thicker paper.

The orientation of your book:Based on your drawing orientation or style, you can choose a portrait or a landscape sketchbook.

Binding style and quality:Some artists like drawing on both sides of the book, whereas some like flipping the page & drawing. Ayush Paper drawing books are available in hardbound and wiro (spiral) binding.

The overall weight of the book:With lower weight allowance and love for the traveling weight of everything plays a vital role. Apart from the thickness of the paper, the book must be lightweight, which makes it easy to ship, carry in your bags or purses. We use the finest, highly durable, and lightest board to makes these sketchbooks. You’ll observe the same when the drawing book will be in your hands.

Acrylic Books

Paper for acrylic painting: Now that you have stepped into Ayush paper’s acrylic book range you can Stop worrying about spoiling and storing your canvas. Use this artist-grade acrylic book for your professional and practices.

260 GSM papers:

Canvas textured paper pads with a little tooth that will just be perfect to give texture to your paint. This paper won’t buckle. Paper for acrylic paint that can easily take 6-7 layers.

740 GSM Paper:

Thick 740 GSM acrylic paper is ideal for 8-10 Layers of paints yes you got me right. This paper for acrylic painting has very less texture on it.

Both papers are suitable for pen art on paint.

Acrylic Book

Acrylic Colors

Watercolor Book

  • Cotton watercolor paper is an extraordinary thick paper for watercolor painting. The choice of paper has a significant impact on your art. It is a unique paper that allows the water to penetrate and the pigments to stay on the surface. Hence you can try various painting techniques, thus bringing your painting ‘alive.’
  • 100% cotton and acid-free: It will not turn yellow with age.
  • Cold-pressed: It has a medium absorbency. The texture is somewhere between smooth and rough. It allows you to paint as well as try dry and aggressive brush techniques. Also, cold-pressed is suitable for lifting techniques and corrections. It is best for detailed work. You can experience the vibrancy of colors on a cold-pressed paper. It works very well with all painting consistencies (diluted and undiluted). Your painting on a cold-pressed paper will end up with a beautiful velvety look. Cold-pressed watercolor paper is suitable for beginners as well as professional artists.
  • Available in 270 gsm thickness: It will not only enhance your creativity but also provide an excellent texture to your painting. 
  • You can play with the texture or test different watercolor palettes on this paper.
  • The paper can hold water without bending, which results in perfect lightfastness and granulation..
  • You can explore monochrome paintings or experiment with several tones of the same color.
  • If you are a mandala artist or more into floral/ lettering, you can try the square watercolor book as it will save paper and make your artwork look beautiful.


Alcohol inks.

  • These are highly pigmented inks made in an alcohol base.
  • These inks are suitable to be used on any non-porous surface.
  • Inks Soak into the body, so it is suggested not to use these on a non-porous surface.
  • They defuse perfectly and blend in a way to create beautiful designs or patterns.
  • They are waterproof and fast-drying, allowing you to create art fast. It would make the artwork look black and unappealing if the process of designing or drying using blowing technique if followed with pleasure and so it’s suggested to blow gently.
  • Surfaces used: Synthetic papers, wooden articles, coasters, ceramic goods, and other non-porous surfaces, which makes them attractive products for usage and abstract art for placement in rooms and offices.
Alcohol inks


Canvases are woven fabric. From 14th-century canvas boards have been used by artists to paint their ideas. It provides you a golden opportunity to be creative as it comes in different shapes and sizes. Along with this, you get a canvas board that can be of white and black color.

Benefits of using canvas for painting:
  • Fabric, texture, and priming make the canvas a unique surface to paint.
  • It is light-weight and more comfortable to carry than traditional wooden surfaces.
  • Moreover, paintings on canvas have a long life. To preserve and create permanent artworks, its best to use canvases. 
  • Along with this, a canvas board provides greater receptivity and understanding of working with a brush. This feature makes it convenient to bring ideas to life and enhances creativity.
  • It has a very high absorbency and texture, which will help you in working on any style of painting.
  • Paints dry quickly on canvases. So you don’t have to wait for a long time to put the additional layers, which also rules out the fear of smearing the pigments.
  • Additionally, rapid drying will reduce your painting time. However, it will be a challenge to blend or mix paints quickly!
  • The canvas can contract and expand according to temperature changes. This ability will make your painting to stretch and contract instead of cracking.
  • You can practice acrylic painting, acrylic pouring, watercolors, oil painting, and much more on these boards.
  • It is affordable and allows the use of mix media.

Fine Liners

Drawing Pencil

Brush Pens

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