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Best Ideas to brighten up your Sketchbooks

Best ideas to brighten up your sketchbooks (1)


A drawing sketchbook is a creative document that records textual and visual material. However, don’t let this rigid definition limit the idea of what a sketchbook truly is.

A drawing sketchbook is definitely essential equipment for professional artists who put in hours of hard work to sharpen their skills and hone their craft. Since they need a medium to put in all that hard work and witness his artistic journey, a drawing sketchbook or a sketch pad becomes essential.Read More

Importance of Sketchpads in the journey of an Art Students

If you are an art student whose main motivation is gaining finesse and flair in the craft that you are practising, then you need a sketching pad for including self-directed art investigation techniques or teacher-guided instructions and assignments. Read More

Format of Sketchbooks

The format of a sketchbook is important for you to make an informed purchase. So we will present the nitty-gritty about the format here.Read More

Ideas to brighten up your Sketchbook

We have all come across such instances when we have peeped inside an artist’s drawing pad rapt in concentration sketching historically important places and architecturally extravagant structures.And boy, we are instantly transferred to a different place, to a different time!

The size or format of these sketchbooks doesn’t matter. What matters is their content. The content is enough for us to contemplate the emotional depth and observatory prowess of the artist. The contents might offer a portal into the artists’ psyche, the way they think and visualize things, or enable us to witness their pursuits and their adherence to the minute details. Read More

Closing Thoughts

It can be a design sketchbook that contains every detail of your exploration of design principles, form, composition, conceptual models, mock-ups, storyboards, etc. Alternatively, it can be a simple drawing pad where you practice acrylic painting on paper and let your ideas run wild.

However, it is crucial that you possess the right one to go that extra mile in your art journey. Purchasing an incredible sketchbook from Ayush Paper can help document your artistic growth or create a robust portfolio for your professional endeavours.

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