Best notebooks for fountain pens

Best Notebooks for fountain pens


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Characteristics of best notebooks that would help us make a purchase

Before we purchase online notebooks, we must be wary of the various features they have.
Without proper information or buying guide, you might end up investing a lot of money in the wrong product that is
of no use to you. Let’s look at the multiple features that define the best notebooks available online for purchase.

Paper color

A notebook usually has white or ivory-colored paper. The white papers are ideal for use with calligraphy fountain pens as they enable you to display multiple ink colors. On the downside, they can be tiring to the eyes if you are reading something for an extended period. On the other hand, Ivory-colored papers are pleasing to the eyes and have a soothing effect. They also give your writing a more refined feel and help you to show off your skills with a calligraphy pen. However, they impart a yellowish tint when inks are applied to them.

Paper texture

Before purchasing online notebooks, you must evaluate the paper texture. However, no universal gradation of texture depends on the user. Some people prefer to write on paper that is glassy-smooth and creamy. Though these papers ensure a smooth writing surface, they come with their inherent downsides. It takes longer for the ink to dry on the smooth papers. Another downside is that they soak the hand oil or moisture when your palm is placed on the paper and cause the ink to feather or bleed through. Consequently, the paper of such notebooks might start becoming less fountain pen friendly with continued usage.Read More

Show-through resistance

Show-through resistance is an important feature in selecting the best notebooks for fountain pen writing. This feature is also known as ‘Ghosting.’ It happens when the paper is thin or translucent enough for the writing on one side of the page to be visible from the other side. Although these kinds of paper make the notebooks more compact, a more noticeable show-through is not desired by any writer.

Different types of online notebooks suited for calligraphy pen writing

After navigating through the various types of pages that would help you choose the ideal notebooks for fountain pen writing, you might already know how to go ahead with the purchase and what factors should be considered. Now let’s check out the most common types of online notebooks available.Read More

Some recommendations of online notebooks

Product researchers and fountain pen users have tried and tested the following notebooks. This curated list will act as a buying guide and give you direction to produce the best calligraphy on notebooks purchased online. Read More

Final thoughts

To create a mark with your fountain pen writing, you must choose the best fountain pen and purchase the most superior quality notebooks online. As we have learned, both these writing instruments work in tandem to help you create the most ornate pieces on paper. However, it is natural to get confused while picking the best quality notebook from a flurry of options available online, especially because every brand claims to have the best products in the segment. Read More.

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