Artist grade watercolor paper

  • Paper wont bleed on the other side composition: 270 GSM, 100% cotton paper
  • All art works on this page are originals made by artists on Ayush Paper Watercolorbooks
  • 5 Day return policy. If you don’t like our watercolorbooks we are ready to take returns. Although you might not have to return it for sure 😛
  • Each book has 20 pages and is very light in weight which makes it easy to carry.
  • Product used by over 281 Artist till date. 
  •  Paper wont buckle when you paint.
  •  Perfect for portraits, landscapes, floral, lettering.

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Watercolorbooks | Ayush Paper
Artist: Devina Sharma

Why Choose Ayush Paper’s Watercolorbooks?

  • 217 Artists have reviewed our watercolorbooks.
  • Trusted brand into paper since 2013 and Paper Products since 2019.
  • Ships within 24-36 hrs via blue dart / India Post.
  • Selling across multiple fine art stored in six cities. (Hyderabad, Banglore, Mumbai, Pune, Conoor, Coimbatore)
  • Largest Variety of sketchbooks. You are sure to find your choice of products here.

Watercolor book | Ayush Paper
Watercolor book | Ayush Paper

Characteristics that will make you fall in love with the paper

  • The paper can hold water without bending, which results in perfect light-fastness and granulation.
  • This watercolor paper enables you to use any brushes and tools.
  • 100% cotton, acid free and natural color paper.
  •  A perfect base for watercolour calligraphy with the help of inks, watercolour brushes, and other similar tools
  • You can paint galaxies, landscapes, and try out negative painting with the help of different tones of same colour
  •  You can try scrubbing, wet on wet techniques, scraping, taping, masking, or any other methods without any problem on these papers. They take these procedures very quickly without causing any problem.


    Straight from Happy Customers!

    The bee watercolors
    All the journals curated by Ayushpaper are very affordable. So it is beneficial for beginners to learn. Also, they can know the control of water as well as pigment ratio.Instagram Artist
    Nishita kashyap
    After all that craze on Instagram for these watercolorbooks I decided to give it a try and I must say it’s worth a buy. It can easily take 3-4 washes which is perfect for wet on wet techniques. The texture of the paper is beautiful and adds wonderful effects for landscape The best part is it’s economical and perfect for practice!Instagram Artist
    Gursimran Kaur
    I have been eyeing Ayush Paper products from a long time, finally bought it on a sale. The paper is amazing, you can paint on both the sides. Also, the texture is has is lovely, so in love with the product. You must buy it and also, its pocket friendly with great qualityInstagram Artist
    sakina Kapasi
    The quality of the paper is by far the best I have used. 100% cotton works best for watercolors.. Florals comes out really pretty on cotton papers and landscapes where you need to give several washes of watercolors.. The paper takes great amout of water and gives amazing effects in wet on wet techniques.. Super satisfiedInstagram Artist
    Husain, (Aasam)
    I love this watercolour book. sheets are very good for watercolour and love the texture of the sheets its 270 gsm i can paint on the both sides of the paper. I am giving 5 stars because i am fully satisfiedInstagram Artist
    Swapna Dhuri ( Tamil Nadu)
    I Ayush has a watercolor paper that is best suited for wet on wet landscapes. It is a beautiful Indian paper with excellent workability. Watercolors look vibrant and elegant on the paper. I enjoy it thoroughly.Instagram Artist
    Pavi Palanisamy
    I always buy watercolor papers from Ayush paper. Love the texture and how the painting turns out. Mostly, it is more affordable even for beginners and hobby artist. I strongly recommend Ayush paper to all.Instagram Artist
    inspirancyartPRODUCT: Water color book (winner of one of our contests)
    Excellent for detailing which I wasn’t expecting. I though it will be good or loose landscapes but really good for detailing. Color mixing bhaut aacha hota hai!
    shreyya2402PRODUCT: Water color block and black book
    Tried almost all your products. The paper quality is the one characteristics that make me pick your stuff over anything else. Also, the variety of the paper you have is unmatched and unique.
    kalaaaaakarPRODUCT: Sketch book and Watercolor book
    I feel its easily the best watercolor papers I have used till date. They also have varied range of paper textures alive with various color options. I hope to try out all the papers they provide soon 😛 and I should say they are very patient with their clients and very helpful. Congratulations Ayush paper on your new website!
    waldfrau_artPRODUCT: Watercolor book, Loose Paper sheets
    At first I though it’s very rough, but turned out it’s my favorite paper when it comes to beautiful background washes and gradients… It holds lots of water and stays wet for a really long time, so I can work comfortably without any hurry. Also, the colors stay bright and vibrant after it dries, and even after many layers it dint peel off (like some other papers I used from various brands.)
    Nithi_dPRODUCT: Watercolor Paper (winning entry for watercolor cover contest)
    I have used the watercolor paper and I love working on it… The rough texture allows the paper to hold water for a longer time. Id personally recommend them for landscape paintings as the colors remains rich even after they dry.. They have a marvelous range of papers and each of them is better than the other..
    Buy from localhost/ayushpaper and you won’t have to go anywhere else.
    crazyscribblerPRODUCT: Watercolor book
    I have used Ayush paper watercolor book and I’d say my search for perfect watercolor paper has come to an end. Since I have started painting on these… The paper quality is amazing, it soaks the water really well and the paper does not bloat when wet. Also, it’s very affordable range! Also, I love that all my art work is in one place. Thanks to the new wire bound book
    pensomaniacPRODUCT: Watercolor Paper 270gsm
    I’m using 270sgm 7×7 watercolor paper, must say that ever since I have started using them I love how my florals look.. The colors are so bright on the paper and it reacts beautifully with water based calligraphy inks as well. Coming to their latest launch which is the spiral watercolor book, I think it’s one of their best products.. It’s really difficult to find an inexpensive spiral bound watercolor book and is super amazing too.
    mazia_liPRODUCT: White Paper 140gsm Book
    Ayush papers have always been on my op list of favorite paper brands. I have used 140Gsm and trust me the results are amazing. These papers are perfect for beginners and professionals artists. I feel it does not matter what form you follow, its perfectly amazing for journaling, watercolouring, sketching, acrylics and other media.
    I highly recommend Ayush paper to every aspiring and professional artist.
    preethi.g.s_artPRODUCT: 270gsm Watercolor Paper
    I first heard about Ayush paper on Instagram. I immediately bought two watercolor pads ( 7×7 and A5) on amazon.in. The shipping was prompt and it was well packed. The paper is 270gsm and its 100% cotton. It has a beautiful rough texture and the sizes are perfect. The colors stay bright and the paper does not buckle much. Very happy with my purchase and will surly order more.

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    Video Explaining a few techniques on watercolor paper.

    1. Wet on wet
    2. Wet on dry
    3. Dry on dry
    4. Lifting
    5. Splattering
    6. Mono chrome gradient
    7. Layering

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