Best Ideas to brighten up your Sketchbooks

Best ideas to brighten up your sketchbooks (1)


A drawing sketchbook is a creative document that records textual and visual material. However, don’t let this rigid definition limit the idea of what a sketchbook truly is.

A drawing sketchbook is definitely essential equipment for professional artists who put in hours of hard work to sharpen their skills and hone their craft. Since they need a medium to put in all that hard work and witness his artistic journey, a drawing sketchbook or a sketch pad becomes essential.

However, is a sketchbook just limited to being a professional artist’s paraphernalia?

Clearly not.

With a sketchbook for drawing, you can let your imagination and creativity run free! Sketch pads are the ideal vessels that contain the elements of your creative pursuits, help you document them, and refine them with time. Even if you are not driven by progress, these are handy tools that you can carry around and quickly record or jot down any flash of inspiration that kindles your artistic soul and lights up your mind.

Importance of Sketchpads in the journey of an Art Students

If you are an art student whose main motivation is gaining finesse and flair in the craft that you are practising, then you need a sketching pad for including self-directed art investigation techniques or teacher-guided instructions and assignments.

Yes, a sketchbook is the best place for putting your thoughts out on paper. Whether you want to practice pencil portrait drawing or use the sketchbook for acrylic painting, it is the suitable art tool where you can do the following –

  • Researching about the idea and the topic,
  • Brainstorming about the art project or the assignment in hand,
  • Experimenting with your skills and drawing techniques,
  • Testing them effectively,
  • Analysing your expertise and your ability to assimilate new thoughts and techniques, and
  • Refining compositions.

Thus, a sketchbook documents your artistic journey and helps you fine-tune every piece of relevant knowledge and technique that you have gathered in the process. Sometimes, you can even add the elements that offer inspiration before giving a form to your ideas and eventually painting on paper. Therefore, for an art student, a sketchbook can also offer depth and backstory to the journey towards artistic perfection.

Having said this, we must emphasize that a sketchbook is not just a tool for an artist but for anyone who resonates with art.

It does not matter whether you are a professional artist, an art student, or someone who simply wants to explore his artistic inclinations and discover the nuances of art. A sketchbook will be your ultimate companion in all these artistic quests.

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Format of Sketchbooks

The format of a sketchbook is important for you to make an informed purchase. So we will present the nitty-gritty about the format here.


Pre-bound Sketchbooks:

These are pre-bound and generally contain good quality paper ideal for dry and wet mediums.

  • You can find pre-bound A4 sketchbook variants, which offer tremendous ease of portability. These A4 sketchbooks fit within an artist’s bag and are less likely to be damaged during transit.
canvas features
  • However, if you want to put every preparatory material alongside your creations to document the developmental process, you can go for an A3 or A2 drawing sketchbook.

Loose sheets of paper bound in a booklet or contained within a clear file:

  • Often, a pre-bound sketchbook does not meet your unique paper quality requirements. You will need the best paper for acrylic painting, and so you can go with individual sheets.
  • Once you zero in on the quality acrylic paint paper, you can insert a spiral using a manual binding machine or put these papers in a clear file to make your very own sketching pad.

At Ayush Paper, you will get unlimited access to premium stationery, including canvas painting paper, paper for acrylic paint, and other superlative paper variants that you can use to create a personalized sketchbook.

Ideas to brighten up your Sketchbook

We have all come across such instances when we have peeped inside an artist’s drawing pad rapt in concentration sketching historically important places and architecturally extravagant structures.

And boy, we are instantly transferred to a different place, to a different time!

The size or format of these sketchbooks doesn’t matter. What matters is their content. The content is enough for us to contemplate the emotional depth and observatory prowess of the artist. The contents might offer a portal into the artists’ psyche, the way they think and visualize things, or enable us to witness their pursuits and their adherence to the minute details.

Now, let us imagine you have purchased a blank sketchbook. And you want to embellish it with your journey of art exploration. How to go about it? What are the elements that will make your sketchbook visually attractive? How can your sketchbook be a prima facie document of your artistic growth – illustrating your exploration of composition, design principles, and visual elements?

Let’s dive deep to explore formidable ideas that can brighten up your sketching pad!

●     Following an art prompt:

Art prompts have gained a massive following in the last few years, primarily due to the presence of powerful social media platforms. There are seasonal prompts, targeting particular months that have generated a massive craze.

These are evident from the banner of #Inktober and #MarchOfRobots, which compel you to follow a particular theme every day and create your artworks based on that theme. You will not only find a superb way to document your artistic prowess in a drawing sketchbook, but it will also help you interact with the global artist community who are engaging in such creative pursuits.

Alternatively, you can follow perennial art prompts that are available across the year, under banners like #CharacterDesignChallenge, where you have to follow a particular theme and create your original character (OC). Following these popular art prompts helps you break out of art blocks and nurture your artistic self. However, you need to be online on social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Facebook to stay in touch with these prompts and know when they are rolled out.

●     Creating a theme for your Sketchbook:

You might go forward with a sketching pad that contains random stuff – your visual material, incomplete and experimental, as opposed to finished illustrations. But if a theme loosely binds all these drawings and paintings, it creates an impeccable impact on the viewer.

The thematic consistency of your artworks could be in the form of any art trend. It can be a traditional one or something completely new. For example, artist Shawn Coss is known for his unique brand of art by which he is trying to fight the stigmas associated with mental illnesses. All his artworks stand out and give meaning to this theme.

●     Having consistency in Style or Medium:

This is quite similar to having a thematic consistency throughout your sketchbook. There is a subtle visual splendour when there is an order in the apparent chaos. Similarly, you could try to establish an order with your style or medium while letting your inner chaos be demonstrated through the artworks you create.

You could be doing pencil portrait drawing, doodling, or using the paper for painting with acrylics, but keeping the medium constant throughout your sketchbook creates a solid impact. Artists like British-born Sam Cox, aka Doodle Man, Kerby Rosanes, and even those back home like Santanu Hazarika, Upamanyu Bhattacharya, and Debangshu Moulick are known for their unique, eccentric, and ingenious brands of artwork that create an indelible impact on your mind.

●     Journaling:

Art journaling is creating a diary that records your experiences in the form of visuals, texts, prints, and even collages. These can document anything specific or just your day-to-day life. You can use your sketch pads to create the most compelling forms of art journals using writing, illustrations, painting, drawing, and every other form of self-expressionism.

The art journals of yore like Leonardo da Vinci’s diary, Frida Kahlo’s diary, and others still create a stir amongst artists. More recently, there are modern art therapists like Lois Bender who provide tips for healing and self-restoration through art journaling.

Closing Thoughts

It can be a design sketchbook that contains every detail of your exploration of design principles, form, composition, conceptual models, mock-ups, storyboards, etc. Alternatively, it can be a simple drawing pad where you practice acrylic painting on paper and let your ideas run wild.

However, it is crucial that you possess the right one to go that extra mile in your art journey. Purchasing an incredible sketchbook from Ayush Paper can help document your artistic growth or create a robust portfolio for your professional endeavours.

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