Camel acrylic colors

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Ayush paper camel acrylic blog

Camel Acrylic Colors

This world is filled with colors everywhere you see, there’s color. Can you imagine a world without colors? Neither can we. But our favorite kinds of colors are acrylic, thick texture, smooth, and just satisfying when stroked on a canvas. The right kind of acrylic paint is essential for every artist, so we suggest, Camel acrylic colors. They come in a set of 12 assorted colors in 9ml and 20ml tubes. My personal favorite color from this box is Cobalt Blue.

Surfaces suitable for Camel Acrylic Colors to work on.

Acrylic paints work on many surfaces such as wood, leather, brickwork, and canvas, usually on surfaces that are neither glossy nor greasy. However, the canvas is likely to be the first option for acrylic paints, such as Roy Fine Arts, which are available in both black and white colors. You can either prep your canvas with gesso or leave it as it depends on what kind of texture you want for your painting. If you wish to all of your works to be organized and in one place, then you should try using Ayush acrylic books that come in many different sizes.

What other media can be used with these paints.

One of the best things about Acrylic paints is to experiment and play with different mediums. There are four types of mediums you can work with:

  1. Gel Medium
  2. Texture Medium
  3. Flow Medium,
  4. Slow-Drying Medium
  5. Gel medium

These are used for thinning paint, usually to replace water, as water sometimes dilutes the properties of the color. It comes in different variants like a matte finish, gloss, and semi-gloss, some gel medium products such as camel gel medium, Liquitex gel medium, and many more. Texture medium; helps you to add texture to the paint significantly. It’s a white paste that is used to give a 3D effect to the painting.

Texture mediums 

Texture mediums like, Camel texture medium and Liquitex are commonly used. Flow medium; helps in the flow of the paint on the canvas. It is usually used in pouring or fluid art. Slow-Drying medium is used when there is a lot of color blending needed. It slows down the process of drying the paint and buying more time for the artist to work with other colors.

What are the best brushes for Camel Acrylic Colors??

What brushes you use for your painting is very important, a set of round and flat brushes is a must for any artist, Camel synthetic round brushes and Camel synthetic flat brushes which come in a set of 7 brushes are one of the best brushes for acrylic paints. Doodling is super cute, especially on acrylic paintings it’s fun as there is more texture to work with and with a simple smile you can bring life to the painting.

Selection of correct markers and use of varnish.

Selection of markers needs to be right for precise and detailed doodles. Uni-ball Signo, Staedler finer liners and Sakura micron pen are one of the best markers. After creating an amazing masterpiece, you need to secure your painting from dust, moisture, and different weather conditions. In order to do that, you must use varnish. You can either use resin or polymer varnish, resin varnish would give you a bright finish, but polymer varnish is non-toxic. However, If you are going to use a high gloss finish, then you must apply an isolation coat before you apply the varnish. Wella! You’re done. 

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Camel Acrylic Colors

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