Camel Watercolors

Water color with brush


Camel watercolour

Are you looking for colors that speak to you?

Then Camel artist’s watercolors are your go to water paints!

Its opaqueness and smooth texture will make every painting, the best painting ever. Camel watercolors are amazing not just for beginners but for professionals as well. They are easy to blend and glide on the canvas like butter. They have a unique quality to be light, as light as needed or vice versa as per the artist’s choice. The best thing about the watercolors is the different variants that they are available in. They come in three different packages, one of 12 assorted colors and 2 of 18 assorted colors and cake shades. But our favorite is the 18 assorted colors package as it has many different colors in one place and to many possibilities to explore. One such fun combination of colours that i liked was If you mix lemon yellow and carmine series 2, you might get an orangish brown color.

These watercolors work better when used on 100% cotton paper, there are some brands that do manufacture cotton and acid-free paper products such as Ayush paper’s watercolor books that comes in a wide range of sizes from the smallest being A5 followed by 7×7 which is perfect for mandala, A4 and as big as 11 x 15 inches approximately an A3 size. These papers are 270 gsm. Another imported brand which is liked by professionals is Fabriano which is available in size 9×12 inches and 300 GSM paper thickness. 

A non acid-free paper contains the chemical lignin
which is mixed with bleach during the refining process of the paper, however the papers turns hydrochloric acid as it ages, making the paper yellow and frangible. Cotton paper is preferred for watercolor painting as it absorbs betters and doesn’t rip off when damped with water. 


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2 thoughts on “Camel Watercolors

  1. Vicki Dabro says:

    I used the artist sets of watercolour pans when I taught art. I found them excellent and would like to be able to purchase more. I can’t make contact with India , I wonder if you have an importer in Australia?

    1. ayushpaper says:

      Hi sir,

      Thank you so much for the appreciation.

      We do have an importer in Australia but it’s for fountain pen friendly books only at the moment.

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