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Design Team

Instagram Design Team

Selected Members Will have to Promote Ayush paper Products on Social Media

Youtube Design Team

YouTube Design Team

Selected members will have to post 4 Tutorials Per Month

Calligraphy Design Team

Calligraphy Design Team 

Selected Members will promote click calligraphy pen along with calligraphy Friendly Paper

Once you click any of the above button you will Be Redirected to a google form Page

Please Note

  • You can only submit for any one team. If you have submitted for multiple teams then on our backend your information will not be reflected.
  • To be a part of any team please tag 3 or more friends In our DT post.
  • Contract will be valid for 6 to 8 months.
  • If you are not selected in any of the above Design team then you can also apply for Affiliate Team.
  • Last day of form submission 23rd March.

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