Fountain Pen Friendly Notebook

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Features of our fountain pen friendly paper

  • Natural Shade Paper
  • No Feathering
  • No Bleeding
  • Handles Flex Nibs Well
  • Shows Sheen of Sheen Ink
  • Moderate Drying Time
  • Minimal Show Through
  • Both Sides are Completely Usable
  • Grid / Dot Gap 5mm
  • A4 Line Gap 9mm Blue Lines
  • A5 Line Gap 8mm
  • Sizes Available A4, A5, B5 and Pocket Size

Ink pen friendly books

A4 Size Fountain Pen Book

    Why Ayush paper?

    Writing samples of various inks on Ayush Paper’s fountain pen friendly paper


    Wondering what the back side looks like??

    feathering/bleeding/ghosting/smudging/not even seen through

    Ayush paper

    • It happens so many times that you Need an affordable paper for your BB Nib in Combination with a sheen ink. Promise you this paper won’t Let You Down
    • Trusted brand into paper since 2013 and Paper Products since 2019.
    • Same Day Dispatch
    • Shipping Internationally at Affordable Price
    • 5 Day return policy. If you don’t like our Fountain Pen Book we are ready to take returns. Although you might not have to return it for sure
    • Shipping  to international users who have loved and compared our product to various other brands.

    A5 Size Fountain Pen Book

      Characteristics that will make you fall in love with the paper

      • Paper Tried And Tested with 36+ Different Inks 
      • Best Paper For sheen Inks
      • Dry times are pretty fast
      • Inks are not feathering / bleeding / ghosting / smudging / not even seen through
      • Best Quality Paper With Best Quality of Binding
      • Acid Free paper

      Fountain Pen Friendly Paper Ayush Paper

      Pocket Size Fountain pen Book

        Does This paper work for Fountain pen Calligraphy?

        Yes, You Can do Calligraphy on this paper There are Three Main Reason For choosing Ayush paper Fountain Pen Friendly Notebook

        •  Acid-free paper it means that over time it will not get yellow and old-looking because of change in PH balance.
        • Available in Different Sizes (A4,A5,B5 and Pocket Size)
        • Paper Thickness(100 GSM)- Thickness of the paper is essential because if a paper is too thin, it can bleed to your table.

        Ayush paper fountain pen calligraphy
        Ayush paper

        Pilot Parallel Calligraphy pen

        Dr. Nandu 04

        What Our Users say…

        Best Fountain Pen friendly paper brand with good quality paper and good binding and with no feathering or bleeding irrespective of Normal Nibs of fountain pens or calligraphy Nibs also, at reasonable price. I recommend to every body who is fountain pen lover go for the brand it will not let you down.
        Arpit Pangasa
        I got down to trying this paper using the two beastly nibs that I have (absolutely no mercy); the A5 pad with my MB 149 Broad nib pen (inked with Sheaffer Blue) and the Pierre Cardin President fitted with Kanwrite BB Oblique nib, dipped and not inked with Sindhoor RC Series Krishna Inks.
        The results were amazing.
        It’s STUNNING !! it’s SUPERB boss !! Not a single feathering / bleeding / ghosting / smudging / not even seen through. No impression of ink at the opposite side of the page and an absolute pleasure to write.
        This is the best Indian fountain pen friendly paper I have ever come across in recent times
        Great fountain pen friendly paper. I had bought a couple of A4 notebooks, and I have tried 30+ inks on it by now, and can report that none of them have feathered or spread on this paper. This is despite using pens which so wet they are closer to fire-hoses and also very wide nibs (including a 1.9 stub). Since it is 100 GSM, bleed through or ghosting is not a concern.
        Ravi Sreenivasan
        The A4 dot pad is a perfect notebook for fountain pen users. Firstly, the grid is fairly light so as not to obstruct the written word. The texture of the paper is smooth as silk. The inks that I tried Pilot Iroshizuku series, Waterman purple, Noodlers BSB, did not feather or bleed on the sheets. The drying time is moderate as can be expected in such papers. The sheening inks like Krishna Moon View, Emerald of Chivor shone brilliantly as well.

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        Some images from users that have tried our products

        Fountain Pen Book_testimonial1
        Fountain Pen Book_testimonial_sruthi
        Fountain Pen Book_testimonial_Dr. Nandu 02
        Fountain Pen Book_testimonial_Arpit-Pangsa-02

        B5 Fountain Pen Book

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              Best GSM for fountain pen

              Ideal thickness should be around 80-100 GSM.
              Except tomoe river paper which is 64 GSM.