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Beginner’s guide to the fountain pen nib

Fountain pen nib


An ink pen is fairly responsible for the way you transition from a kid to a grown-up. In schools and academic institutions across India, the transition from pencils to fountain pens is like putting the seal of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to handle these delicate instruments and use them to progress your writing style and speed.Read More

The anatomy of a fountain pen

Buying notebooks online and rendering them with the best calligraphy and arts you have mastered over the years will become futile if you don’t possess the ideal instruments for the craft. Hence, owning the best-in-class calligraphy fountain pen is of the essence if you are devoted to your craft. Read More

Detailed insights into the fountain pen nib

Fountain pens are called so because of the cascading nature in which the ink flows and leaves a mark on the paper. However, this cascading nature would have turned into an outright mess had there been no structure to control the ink flow and create the desired effect on paper.

Thus, the nib was designed with sophistication, and its constituent parts testify to the fact. An ink pen has a nib that is essentially composed of the following elements.Read More

Summing up

Now that you have got the basic overview of the fountain ink pens and learned in detail about their nibs, we believe you are ready to make a purchase! So start your journey of fountain pen writing or create the best calligraphy after carefully analyzing the ideal fountain pen nib that suits your requirements!

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