About me and my journey

I’m Nahid – an artist from Chennai, India who is keen into watercolors and anything that involves the right hemisphere of the brain. Initially I was drawn to realism and was practicing it via pencil/charcoal portraits. Since a few months back, I’ve been keen on learning Impressionism and practicing it as well. I’m self-taught with a constant thirst for knowledge and learning different ways to approach a single subject.

My qualification and experience

I’m an Engineer by qualification – Since childhood I was fascinated by colors, I used to spend most of my free time sketching and painting, to the point that colors were engraved in my heart & soul. I made a life changing decision in 2019, I gave up my lucrative job and devote myself to pursue my passion, and my life has been a symphony of colors since then. I’ve also participated in a few exhibitions internationally and my works have exhibited.

Review from my recent workshop

Art workshop with Nahid
Art workshop with Nahid

My learning and contribution

I insist on limited supplies and later expanding the horizon. I conduct classes whenever I can. I’m excited to work along with Ayush papers in a very enterprising and beautiful initiative – to conduct workshops. Art is for everyone!   

Award winning paintings by me

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Professional watercolour course format

2 hours / session, 30% theory 70% practical (25 days course)

Colour basics (2 sessions)

  1. Understanding colour wheel
  2. Understanding colour according to the information on the tubes.
  3. Distinguish between warm and cools
  4. Choosing art supplies
  5. Techniques in watercolor
  6. Textures in watercolor
  7. Light and shadow

Painting nature (9 sessions)

  1. Landscapes
  2. Waterscapes
  3. Forest scene
  4. Painting mountains
  5. Painting beaches

Painting still life (4 sessions)

  1. Fruits
  2. Flowers
  3. Objects

Learning about perspective (4 sessions)

  1. One point perspective
  2. Two point perspective
  3. Three point perspective

Painting abstracts/ Effects (5 sessions)

  1. Still life
  2. Floral
  3. Landscapes

Portraits (2 sessions)

  1. Introduction to Loomis method
  2. Painting portrait

To know more call/ whatsapp on 9619691112