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The Origami Monk

The origami monk


Nihali also, known as The Origami Monk

Nihali has taken the path less traveled and practices it religiously. An origami artist that she is, she believes in the fact that Origami is for everyone.

Here are some facts about her.

Born and raised in Mumbai – My first try with Origami is instead an interesting one. Please read further to know about my journey and the things I love to do.

When was your first encounter with the art of Origami. How long have you been practicing it?

When I was 12, I was a naughty kid who never completed her notes. My mom would photocopy my friends’ records, and I would complete them. After I finish them, I would make dragons, butterflies, and stars out of all the paper and put it up in my room. I have been folding paper for 10-12 years now.

Can you suggest some references from which we can learn Origami?

I practice Origami from various books written by some good Origamists like Tomoko Fuse, Eric Gjerde, and many more.

Please let us know how you teach art?

I aim to show people what a mere piece of paper can do. I teach Origami to all age groups in the form of workshops, private classes, and corporate workshops. I aspire to work on larger than life installations under experienced Origamists.

Your advice to people who just picked up the art?

My advice would be to just fold. Take a piece of paper and fold any way you like it; explore ways in which we can fold one and what possible shapes it can take! Also, studying the math behind Origami is one thing you should do.

Please let us know about your milestones:

I have done some fabulous workshops with stationery brands like Anupam, Paper Mint, and Mango Art and Stationery. I have also conducted some workshops with some international Origamists.

Other than being an origami monk that you are, please let us know more about you.

Other than Origami, I am a Finance Associate and a Sitar player. I also like to play basketball.

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