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– About Painting Videos –

Painting videos is something I personally love watching. Something I love about watching these videos is the process, so I thought let’s get them created and upload them on You-Tube. Subscribe now so you don’t miss out on amazing content.

I have interacted with about 136 artists & doctors who have been practicing art. The majority conversation Iv had with them was over Instagram and through various groups on Facebook. 92% of people are working full time, and art is their passion or hobby to many arts has become a therapeutic practice.

Through my interaction, I learned and understood that they like watching painting videos and learning through them as they could not attend workshops and classes. 

Watching painting videos has made it flexible for them to learn at their time convenience; some of them are making videos for us.

From our videos, we are trying to teach various painting mediums (watercolors, acrylics etc) and techniques. These videos are detailed so that you don’t miss out on the critical steps of painting. 

Topic selection:

We select topics which are recommended by artists so that we can cover their requirements. Topics selection happens through pols & question air’s on social media channels. If you have a topic in mind that you’d like to learn, we’d be happy to create a video for you.

Work with us:

If you think you are great at some technique and will be able to contribute to the art community, hit us up! We’d love working with you. 

Watch on YouTube

Extraordinary kids making canvas apron | Navjeevan school

Our previous video was on painting your canvas apron. In this video, Extraordinary children of Navjeevan School Aurangabad are making canvas aprons.

These are 5 oz thickness canvas that you can paint as use. These aprons have 2 pockets and space to hold about 5-8 brushes/ pens or pencils.


Navjeevan school has a strength of 140 kids. They are engaged in creating products like files, chocolate newspaper bags aprons, and their recent product canvas aprons.

When you purchase these aprons it would be great if you put up an image of your painted apron on their google account. These kids love watching and clicking pictures. You’d get a glimpse of that in the Behind the scenes. When they get to know that you have posted it will encourage them even more.

Paint your own canvas apron

Acrylic speed painting video. Today’s Galaxy painting tutorial is on an artist-grade canvas apron.

This acrylic speed painting tutorial is by an artist whose work brings a smile on my face and makes my day. Its Anjana from Bangalore.

List of materials:
1) Canvas apron by Ayush paper (Pre-book on the website)
2) Acrylic paints
3) brushes (Princeton, camel 0 number)
4) Toothbrush
5) Masking tape
6) paint palette
7) water and cloth

Art supplies | Ayush paper
ayush paper art blog
Artist apron | Canvas apron | Ayush paper

Watercolor Tutorials

When it comes to watercolor painting, it’s always good to start from basic. In this session, we will learn basic watercolor techniques like wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, lifting, splattering, and gradient washes. This session is ideal for beginners to intermediates alike. This video will help you to understand how Ayush Paper reacts to various techniques.

Materials used

Ayush watercolor pad 270 gsm A4 size, Camlin artist-grade watercolor tube (Prussian blue), Winson watercolor round brush size 12, Color mixing palette, Two jars of water, Cloth / Tissue paper

Artist: Aishwarya


Watercolor painting

Based on the above painting video on 6 basic techniques, our artist Aishwarya from Kochi has made another beautiful video.

We really hope you like this watercolor painting video and are able to recreate something of this sort. We’d love to see what you paint. Please subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss out on any tutorials.

watercolor painting video by artist Aishwarya based out of kochi. Its a step by step painting video hope you love it.

  1. Material used Ayush paper 270 gsm watercolor paper
  2. Camlin drawing inks (black, yellow, orange, dark green and Emerald green) White Gouache paint ( Daley rowney – any brand is fine)
  3. Round brush size 12 (Worison – any brand )
  4. Brustro Rigger brush ( any small size pointed brush )
  5. White gel pen One jar of water Dropper Tissue Masking tape

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Acrylic painting 740 GSM Paper

Tutorial on Acrylic book 260 GSM

These acrylic paintings have been done on 260 gsm acrylic book. You could paint on canvases too. All of these videos are detailed and cover the entire process of painting. We really hope we are able to contribute to your learning experience.


Painting video’s on Black sketchbook

Painting on black paper is super interesting as it makes you think more about what mediums you should use to paint and what would make the artwork more attractive. I feel its more challenging to paint on black paper. These tutorials are my favorite ones. We hope you like them too.

Grid Book

Watch this lovely video by Karishma whos from Bihar. shes an amazing mandala artist who creates super intricate patterns. I did try making these through this tutorial and it is actually possible to create them.

The biggest problem that we have faced when it comes to using a grid book is paper thickness.

Guess what?? we have got that sorted. These books are 200gsm thickness and perfect for grid work, architectural drawings fashion illustrations, etc. Let us know what you use the grid book for the most.

Painting on brown sketch book

Buddha painting is so peaceful. I’m sure you’d enjoy recreating this we have artist Kamia Madan from Delhi who’s made this video for us. 

This painting is made on a brown sketchbook. The best part about painting on brown sketchbook is that it just enhances the features of portraits. 

Lets us know what you’d like to learn in our upcoming videos and we’ll make one just for you.