Canvases are woven fabric. From 14th-century canvas, boards have been used by artists to paint their ideas. It provides you a golden opportunity to be creative as it comes in different shapes and sizes. Along with this, you get a canvas board that can be of white and black color. Here’s how you can buy painting canvas online in India with Ayush Papers, your one stop shop for all the artsy needs.

Benefits of using canvas for painting:

Fabric, texture, and priming make the canvas a unique surface to paint.

It is lightweight and more comfortable to carry than traditional wooden surfaces.

Moreover, paintings on canvas have a long life. To preserve and create permanent artwork, it’s best to use canvases.

Along with this, a canvas board provides greater receptivity and understanding of working with a brush. This feature makes it convenient to bring ideas to life and enhances creativity.

It has a very high absorbency and texture, which will help you work on any painting style.

Paints dry quickly on canvases. So you don’t have to wait for a long time to put the additional layers, which also rules out the fear of smearing the pigments.

Additionally, rapid drying will reduce your painting time. However, it will be a challenge to blend or mix paints quickly!

The canvas can contract and expand according to temperature changes. This ability will make your painting stretch and contract instead of cracking.

You can practice acrylic painting, acrylic pouring, watercolors, oil painting, and much more on these boards.

Acrylic painting canvas dries out almost rapidly and is water resistant once dried.

It is affordable and allows the use of mixed media.


Another thing you can give a try is the different types of canvas available out there for instance some artists believe that painting on black canvas is perfect for making light colors stand out against muted dark colors.


With a black canvas painting, you can easily make the colors pop. Painting a dramatic night sky, the moon, the stars, and the galaxy on a black canvas saves you time and paint. It is also a perfect tool for when you want to improve your contouring style and the manner you add highlights and shadows.

You don’t have to be a professional painter to paint on canvas. Here are five things to look at and choose, which will make your painting perfect for an exhibition:


The shape of the canvas- Circle, oval, rectangle, square, triangle.

Size of the board- From 4*4 inches to 16*20 inches, it comes in all sizes. You can choose according to your painting style and requirements.

Color- The canvas can be of white or black color.

Weight and texture- The natural cotton texture gives longevity. Stretched canvases have a cloth of 7oz thickness, whereas canvas boards have a cloth of 5oz.

Suitable for acrylic painting, pouring, oil painting, watercolors, etc.

You do not need to gourd the 7 oz for watercolor painting. You can directly use watercolor paints on these.


Buying the correct painting canvas in India can be a real task, so in order to make the selection choices better we provide a varied range of canvases

Addressing some FAQs.

Can the expansion and contraction of the canvas damage the painting?


If the water content used in painting is high, it catches moisture. In this case, it will be suspectable to changes in temperature. However, in any case, it will not damage your painting. Still, using less water is recommended.


Can the color paints get fade over time?

Fading will happen if there is overexposure to sunlight or in the case of overcleaning. Try avoiding these.


What if I accidentally create a dent in the canvas?


Apply the back with some warm water. As the water evaporates, the canvas will shrink into its shape.


I can see cracks on my canvases, which I painted ten years back. How to avoid this?


The simplest way is to use 2-3 coats of acrylic gesso.


Canvas offers an excellent opportunity to move ahead in your painting career. Along with this, it will help you to store your art. So to buy painting canvas online in India or any other choice of canvas contact Ayush Paper, create magical things, and tag us. We will love seeing your masterpiece and sharing it with others.

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