Colors and paints
Colors are one of the essential aspects which help your artwork reflect your imagination. The selection of paints suitable for your usage could be a difficult task, but reading more about them could help gain some confidence while adding them to your cart.

Colors are a reflection of light. They come in various forms, such as paint pigments, colored pens, fluids, etc. During the discovery of color, there was an observation that red is the lightest, and blue is the darkest. As more effort and time had is put into work, six primary colors got known to people. In 1963 Cryla was the first European brand to come up with paints.

Brief information on some paint mediums
For beginners to start with pencil and pastel colors are best as they help understand shading and color mixing. Knowing what colors developed when two or more colors are fun. Moreover, these colors are not expensive and do need as much care during storage.
Acrylics paints are a great pick as they have faster drying ability and can be great for painting and learning at home. 
Watercolor painting is another fun medium to work with as they are more of a quick painting medium. Watercolors allow ou to paint fast and show a great flow of paint. Camel is one of the most trusted brands by the artist.
Alcohol inks are known for their diffusion and the way they mix and form amazing abstract artworks.

There are many paint mediums that one could try. Listed above are the mediums that have been in trend and never outdated.

Of course, the base paper is significant as it’ll be responsible for holding your colors and reflecting your artwork; hence select your book with lots of care.

Learn to use acrylic paints on paper through some of our step by step videos on youtube.

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