Beyond inks alcohol inks.
Beyond inks alcohol inks are the best buy products for any beginner or professionals.

More about alcohol inks
These are highly pigmented inks made in an alcohol base.
These inks are suitable to be used on any non-porous surface.
Inks Soak into the body, so it is suggested not to use these on a non-porous surface.
They defuse perfectly and blend in a way to create beautiful designs or patterns.
They are waterproof and fast-drying, allowing you to create art fast. It would make the artwork look black and unappealing if the process of designing or drying using blowing technique if followed with pleasure and so it’s suggested to blow gently.
Surfaces used: Synthetic papers, wooden articles, coasters, ceramic goods, and other non-porous surfaces, which makes them attractive products for usage and abstract art for placement in rooms and offices.
Using appropriate varnish helps retain the creative.
You don’t need to use varnish if you are using them on paper.

It is known as one of the best free-flow ways of creating abstract art.

If I buy these to try, where can I start, give me some tips?

1) You can start by just picking up the piece and tilting it around. 

2) Another way is to blow ink & alcohol around with your breath, or through a straw.

3) As far as paper is concerned, you can use yupo paper or Nara paper. These are synthetic papers that done allow ink to pass through altho. You do get various synthetic papers, but all are not useful for alcohol inks.

4) Further, if you would like to write on these posca paint pens, work fantastically. 

It’s essential to learn how to control the use of these inks and in case you need more help on how to use them, you could get in touch with one of the experts Marzia Ali.


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