Faber-Castell colored pencils
Pencil colors:
Faber-castell colored Pencils are a pencil with a colored lead. The lead can be wax or oil-based and contains colored pigments, additives, and binding agents in various proportions. Drawing with a color pencil is an appealing art form. The soft, harsh, and misty appearance of colored pencils gives a gentle and glamorous feeling.


The style of color pencil drawing is line strokes, which bestows the art with expression and abstract representation of the subject. These pencils produce optical color blending effects through two methods: (1) Glazing- Overlay of the colors in layers and (2) Juxtapose color strokes- Strokes so close to each other that human eyes ‘mix’ them!
Creator of expressions and textures
The number of color pencils can be limited, but the textures offered by them can be infinite. Overlapping and changing the strength of strokes results in many expressions. It is essential to know how deep we push the pencil and the type & direction of the stroke we draw to complete a drawing. Strokes can be outlines, basecoats, and shading.


Color pencils can be of student and artist grade based on their quality. They provide a wide range of possibilities in their hues, which develops a dimension in the artwork. Another essential feature is the gliding of a pencil and its effortless movement across the paper surface. Faber-Castell provides 165 varieties of colored pencils for kids, students, and artists with their bright colors and rich pigments. The concentration of pigments in the core, their lightfastness, the durability of pencil, and softness of lead are some indicators of the quality. Faber-Castell Polychromos are artists’ pencils with high-quality standards– superior pigments, vibrant colors, smudge-proof, water-resistant, and high break resistance.

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