Watercolors are a medium consisting of water-soluble pigments, which we use on paper. We use paintbrushes to apply these paints through a series of transparent washes that allow the reflection of light from the surface of paper through layers of beautiful colors.

Birth of Watercolors

The watercolor painting dates back to history when primitive man used pigments mixed in water to create cave paintings. Sounds interesting, right? A man started painting inside caves with these ‘watercolors’ using fingers and sticks, just like how a baby begins to color house walls with fingers and crayons! The traditional watercolor painting culture first came up in England. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, followed by the United States.

So what exactly are these paints?

Watercolor paints are made by mixing Gum Arabic, a particular type of glue with color pigments in powdered form. These are primary colors, and we can use them on all conventional watercolor surfaces. The best thing is, we can use these bright shades on low-weight papers to real professional cotton and 100% acid-free papers. It means, when you are teaching painting to your grand-kids, the paper will not turn yellow! However, it would be best if you are looking for the following things while buying watercolor paper: Quality, production, content, weight, texture, tinting, and form.

Watercolors and their characteristics

They are transparent, fluid, and interminable, which results in infinite color possibilities. They can come in the form of a tube, pan, and liquid. The quality can be of student or professional grade. They also come as semi-transparent, semi-opaque, or opaque. We can create different hues on the palette by mixing water and various colors with the right kind of fluidity and concentration. Though it takes some time to dry and maintain it, you can rework with watercolors at any point in time!

Experience the world of watercolors — happy creating.

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