In art, ‘Pen and Ink drawing’ is a widely used skill. We apply black or color inks on the paper with pens. Artists from ancient cultures have used ink in their drawings. Greek artist was first to draw with a pen in 300 CE. He used pen and dye on papyrus.

Good quality pens are fade-resistant, smudge-proof, water-proof, bleed-proof, and filled with pigment ink. They are quick-drying and long-lasting. We can make a variety of drawings using pens.
Pens do wonders!
Pens have an expressive power, and we use them in any type/medium of drawing. The diverse techniques of drawing with pens are-

Using tools- various nibs and inks
Thick or sharp pens for shadows
Way of holding pen gives a different dimension
The crow quill for a thin line

Pens and their classes:
We can classify pens like brush pens, fine liners, and fountain pens. Brush pens are flexible and allow a smooth flow of color. They have water-soluble ink which enables, mixing & blending of colors for beautiful paintings. Fineliners are convenient, sharp pens for sleek lines. They have several tip sizes for multiple line widths.
Fountain Pens:
Fountain pens come in many styles and colors. A fountain pen consists of a reservoir that we can fill with liquid ink. The ‘feed’ of the pen connects its nib and reservoir. The nib can be of different styles like fine, medium, broad, oblique, stub, italic, 360-degree, etc. The nib is flexible, which gives freedom to the artist while drawing. Fountain pen serves the purpose of calligraphy, ink drawing, professional art & design.

Creating art with pens is easy and may relieve stress. Happy Creating

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