Brush Pens
Brush pens are a type of drawing pens. We all know that working with watercolors is messy. Brush pens allow you to be clean. We have all the good qualities of watercolors into one brush pen.

What are the brush pens?

Brush pens have water-soluble dye-based inks. They are versatile and helps to create various effects. We can do different strokes and styles for hand-lettering, modern calligraphy, illustration, coloring, and painting.

Approach to brush pens:

Applying pressure while drawing with brush pens helps to create a variety of patterns. Along with this, dipping the brush tip in water creates lighter shades. We can experiment with brush pens to create beautiful artworks. We can use brush pens for—blending, color washes, shading, layering, gradients, and creating ombre effects.

Tombow brush pens:

Tombow brush pens have adaptable tips that allow an effortless transition from thick to thin lines. We do this by applying different pressures. They have water-based pigment ink, which gives bright and vibrant colors. We can fill 5.5 ml ink in a single brush pen. Some of their characteristics are–

Do not bleed through paper
Available in 10 bright colors with a hard tip
Anyone can use them. Best for beginners
Best used on smooth, non-textured paper

Tombow has come up with dual brush pens. They have a flexible brush tip and fine tip in the same marker. The brush tip is for medium & bold strokes and coloring. The fine tip gives consistent lines. Artists and professionals can use them. We have 108 variety of colors and a colorless blender for shading purposes. Their qualities include–

Nylon tips self-clean after blending
Ideal for brush-lettering, journaling, doodling, illustrations, fine art and coloring

Brush pens are a secure and fantastic medium to work for artists. Happy creating

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