Pen art
Fine liners are a way to create pen art with pigmented ink. They produce smooth lines and dry quickly. They work as a pointed pen but create a visual impact with their ink. There is no special care needed to maintain fine liners. Hence beginners, writers, and artists can work distraction-free. Also, they are easily accessible.

Characteristics of art pen:

Fine liners are water-based as well as ink-based. The water-based pens can work on any paper, while oil-based pens work well on glossy surfaces. They have fiber or plastic needle-point tips. They are hard, along with flexible, which results in consistent lines. The fine liners have several tip sizes ranging from 003 to 08.

Micron pens:

The Pigma Micron pens are one of the favorites of artists and writers. We can draw reliable and controlled lines using these pens. They do not bleed-through when used on a good quality paper. Their tips allow line variations, which give a different dimension to the artwork. Micron pens have a lightfast and water-proof pigment ink, which helps in technical drawings.

Along with this, we can use them on watercolors. Thus they meet the specific needs of the artists, illustrators, and cartoonists. They are available in a variety of colors.

Experimenting with pen art:

Fine liners can give different effects to your writing or artwork. Black fine liners are widely used and deliver satisfactory outcomes. Colored fine liners are used for intricate multi-color drawings, doodling, minimizing outlines, color-code a journal, etc. Along with this, fine liners can do minute lines, shading, and textures.

Fine liners are very convenient and predictable, like normal writing pens. So we can use them for all kinds of artworks and writing. We can use them for–

Comic or Manga art
Sacred geometry
Pointillism art

 Don’t wait, go, and experiment. Happy Creating

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