Sketchbooks are journals, a pad, or a book with blank pages. Students and artists use it for drawing, painting, and creative writing. We can use it to write notes and for drawings. Sketchbooks can be of various sizes, shapes, colors, cover, and the number of pages. The concept of sketchbooks is to provide readily available drawing paper in the form of a book, which makes it convenient for artists to store their works. Through these sketchbooks, we can analyze our progress from time to time.

6 essential points to consider while selecting your sketchbooks.

Sketchbooks with appropriate paper thickness:

While choosing a drawing book apart from the paper thickness, its essential to know how your painting ability. From my experience lately, I have seen this fantastic artist on Instagram create magic on a 140 gsm paper. She has painted at least five layers of negative painting on 140 GSM paper. Whereas some artist are still trying to do the same on 270 GSM watercolor paper. I’m trying to say is it’s essential to understand the composition and how to use the paper and not just look for its thicker paper. 

The orientation of your book: 

Based on your drawing orientation or style, you can choose a portrait or a landscape sketchbook. 

Binding style and quality: 

Some artists like drawing on both sides of the book, whereas some like flipping the page & drawing. Ayush Paper drawing books are available in hardbound and wiro (spiral) binding.

The overall weight of the book: 

With lower weight allowance and love for the traveling weight of everything plays a vital role. Apart from the thickness of the paper, the book must be lightweight, which makes it easy to ship, carry in your bags or purses. We use the finest, highly durable, and lightest board to makes these sketchbooks. You’ll observe the same when the drawing book will be in your hands.

Select your sketchbook based on paint medium:

Sketchbooks listed below are suitable for Light watercolor washes, gouache, pen work, calligraphy sketching, and Portraits. 

White Sketchbooks of 140 GSM
Black Sketchbooks of 180 GSM ( Gelly roll, White charcoal, metallic colors)
Brown Sketchbooks of 180 GSM
Gray Sketchbook 250 GSM

Watercolor book 270 GSM (Watercolours and gouache)
Grid book 200 GSM (Portraits, brush pens, interior designing, architectural designs, watercolors)
Acrylic book 260 GSM (Acrylic painting, soft pastels, knife painting)
Ruled book 100 GSM Natural shade: Bullet journaling, calligraphy, work great with fountain pens.

Various size of sketchbooks:
Different sizes of sketchbooks allow various forms of art like minimal art, intricate details’ art, paintings, sceneries, and more.

Smaller sketchbooks are light in weight and extremely portable. Also, different size sketchbooks give different ideas for the same style of art. 

With an upcoming trend in mandala and lettering, we have designed square sketchbooks that help you save paper and are convenient for practices. We aim at offering these artists grade pads in various sizes to suit every artist’s needs. One of our most picked sizes these days has been the 4×4 inches and A6 size. 

We observed that artists these days love carrying their books around and utilize their time to sketch whenever they have time, which makes these smaller size books best pick for them.
Here’s what Pavi says about Ayush Paper
At the beginning of my watercolor journey, I discovered Ayush Paper through Instagram. 

From then on, I always buy watercolor papers from Ayush paper. Love the texture and how the painting turns out. Mostly, it’s more affordable even for beginners and hobby artist. 

Thank you so much.. and I strongly recommend Ayush Paper to all.

-Pavi Palanisamy
I am waiting to see what you create and would love to feature some unique work on my website. I’m now sure you’ll be able to choose the best book for your self based on the above points. 

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