Black drawing paper
Artists always experiment with new things and test their skills. One of the challenging things is to create an artwork on a different color paper. Sounds interesting? Have you thought of black drawing paper? It’s super fascinating!

Why should you be black drawing paper

The black drawing pape encourages you to think differently. We take an unusual approach, which adds an exceptional visual effect to our art. Creating art on black paper is fresh and inspiring. It gives rise to innovative creations and unique, bold effects. We can use black paper to draw dark settings. We need to think reverse while drawing. It’s like, we have a dark scene ready and have to put a light in it.

You can use the following materials for drawing on black paper:

White and colored pencils
Pastel pencils
White charcoal
White, silver and golden pens
Gouache paints
Bright brush pens
Gelly roll moonlight pens 
How to draw on black drawing paper:

We can build up art from dark to light shades. Working layer to layer helps to build our artwork. We can work from general colors to fine details using sharp pens. It is necessary to test the colors on a rough sheet before using them. We can understand how color is reflecting on the black paper accordingly work on our art. We can even experiment with mixing and blending colors to know its effect on black. The best part is we can use a black color pencil or paint to minimize the mistake while drawing. Practice will help to know the use of colors and progress further for more creative works.

As an artist, are you ready to take this creative challenge? 

Black sketchbook (1)

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