Designer/ Fountain pen friendly notebooks

Designer notebooks for Writing. Doodling. Journaling. Comic art. Patterns. Heena designs. Science diagrams. Geometry. Geography. To-do lists. Scribbling.

What does all of the above have in common?

Well, you unknowingly do all these things at some or other point in your life. And guess what? We have come up with a fantastic ruled writing book with a good quality 100 gsm paper only for you.

Now foster your hobby, take a creative break in the office, or write using our brand new designer ruled book with quirky cover pages.

Wondering what it can do to you? Read below:

  • Notebook for children, writers, and hidden artists
  • Best book for tuition classes, school, college, journaling at home, and during breaks in the office!
  • Use your book anywhere and everywhere
  • Write, plan, journal and repeat
  • Best book for any pen and inks
  • The ink does not bleed, and paper does not blot even after using the whitener
  • You can stick pictures or decorate your designer book without any problem
  • Best notebook to use for subject-oriented illustrations
  • Thick cover and beautiful designs
  • Go with the Indian culture

Pens are weapons of creativity and means to speak your heart. But it is necessary to know which weapons to use!

  • Ballpen, gel pen, ink pen, and fountain pen- writing
  • Fineliners and metallic inks- illustrations
  • Calligraphy pens- calligraphy
  • Artistic and colorful pens- decoration and journaling

Some questions answered for you:

Do you have any other type of ruling?

No. Currently, we have a horizontal ruling. We will soon come up with a new book.

Is it suitable for rough usage? For young kids to draw or learn writing?

Yes, this book is for everyone to use according to their requirements.

Here is a detailed review of the book:

“What paper! Hands down, it is the best paper available in India. Ayushpaper notebook is beyond everyone at this price point. It has a fine granular texture, not slippery smooth, which may ruin handwriting for few.

The best part, you can throw anything at it– scratchy nib, broad wet nib, flex nib, calligraphy nibs, bloat of inks, or even spray anything that you can think of! This paper takes it all.

Incredible shading effect, shimmering effect, no feathering, no bleed-through, no see-through, acceptable dry times on wet inks, and can take moisture exposure as well.”

-Swaroop Sadarjoshi

Make projects, draw, write, journal, or use it for any other purposes. Use it while studying or write a personal diary. Get involved while learning new things, or sip the coffee and speak your mind. Scribble and let that anger go. Be happy, be positive, and keep creating memories. Get this beautiful book now or gift it to your loved ones.

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