Paper for acrylic painting
Paper for acrylic painting: Now that you have stepped into Ayush paper’s acrylic book range you can Stop worrying about spoiling and storing your canvas. Use this artist-grade acrylic book for your professional and practices.

260 GSM papers:

Canvas textured paper pads with a little tooth that will just be perfect to give texture to your paint. This paper won’t buckle. Paper for acrylic paint that can easily take 6-7 layers.

740 GSM Paper:

Thick 740 GSM acrylic paper is ideal for 8-10 Layers of paints yes you got me right. This paper for acrylic painting has very less texture on it.

Both papers are suitable for pen art on paint.

Can I use watercolor paper for acrylic paint?
Yes! if your watercolor paper is 400 GSM or more. When you use a lesser thickness paper it makes the paper buckle. No! most watercolor papers are 100% cotton and have less stiffness. Which doesn’t make them ideal for acrylics. Acrylic paints need a non-porous base or a base that doesn’t absorb the color.

what gsm paper is best for acrylic?
anywhere above 250 gsm paper is good. It is important that the paper won’t bend because of the paperweight. Ayush Paper acrylic paint paper is 260 GSM but has the strength of a 400 gsm paper.

260 GSM (7)

740 GSM (2)