Handmade paper journals

Handmade paper journals of hisab kitaab is an attractive journal that you could use to maintain your household expenses. One journal is sufficient for 30 days. Each book has 20 pages printed on both sides.


Handmade paper journals for your accounting: 

Have you ever through by the month-end how your entire pocket money got spent?? Or perhaps you might have come across a situation where you just got your household expenses, and you already paid like 50% by the 7th and worried how and where it was all spent? You could also use this book on your next solo trip or a family trip to maintain a record of your spending.

  • Eco-friendly product
  • Maintain a track of your expenses.
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Keeps a record of all your spendings.
  • Recycled paper and cotton rags are the materials used to make this paper.
  • Each Handmade paper is made individually

How Hisab kitaab handmade paper journal helped me:

When I use to work with a company in Delhi, I use to spend most of my salary, not keeping track of it. I created a test Hisab kitaab for my self to keep track of my expenses. 

My shocking experience was that I could save about 3700/ month. I thought this product would help everyone too. Moved back to my city and created one for your use 🙂

-Ayush Surana

We all have that friend how’d be like, ” I don’t know where I spent my money” Gift him/ her this book.

I would love to know your hisab-kitaab story. DM me on Instagram @ayushpaper or write to me. 

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