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Best sketchbooks: The ultimate buyer’s guide for artists



Most artists fuss about their stationary and the instruments they utilize to breathe life into their creations. We understand this hype and feel that every bit of that fuss is well-deserved.

A sketchbook or a sketching pad is not just a vessel that holds the visual material that stems from artistic inspiration and genius; it has a way to mold the art itself! Read More

How to choose the best sketchbook for drawing?

Choosing the best drawing sketchbook from a flurry of options is a daunting task for artists. Earlier, it was much more manageable. But with the advent of the internet and several brands claiming to churn out top-quality products that present the best-in-class results, confusion reigns supreme. Read More

The ultimate guide for the best sketchbooks

The following list considers every factor that artists consider before buying a sketchbook. This buying guide will offer you insights into several brands and their products and help you make an informed decision before you purchase your desired drawing sketchbook. Read More

Final thoughts

Not all sketchbooks are put to the same use, and neither do all artists use a particular sketchbook in a designated way. The main factors for selecting a sketchbook remain the quality, thickness, and texture of pages, quality of cover and binding, orientation, number of pages, perforation, and price tag. However, every artist would agree on one point – they would want their sketchbooks to last long and brave every weather condition Read More.

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