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The Magic of Fountain Pen

fountain pen


For the writers amongst us, nothing beats the feeling of a beautifully suited pen running smoothly across the surface of some magnificent paper. It is the most rewarding feeling for many, akin to that of a warrior wielding a sword forged to fit his own hands. Perhaps you like to make sketches, keep a diary or a journal, maybe you are one of the dreamers penning down poetry and stories.Read More

Origin of the Fountain Pens

The invention of the fountain pen is said to have been commissioned by an Egyptian Khalif as far back as the 10th century. There is also evidence to suggest Leonardo da Vinci tried his hand at making one of these beautiful devices. However, the first recorded patent for a fountain pen was awarded to Frederick Fölsch in England in 1809. Read More

Nib Pens

A nib pen can be defined as a pen that uses a specialized tip to deliver water-based ink. The inks used commonly by nib pens utilize this feature and allow much more fluidity than standard ballpoint counterparts. Many nib pens come with fixed nibs, but some pens offer the ability to customize them with different kinds of nibs to suit the working experience.

These pens are also commonly called fountain pens because of the cascading nature of ink flow observed in their usage. Nib pens offer incredible effects on paper, leaving beautiful lines not only satisfactory to produce but also pleasant to behold.Read More

The Magic of Fountain Pens

A fountain pen can be pretty messy, especially for a school-going kid who has been given a fountain pen to improve his writing and enrich its precision. Several accidents are common, like pens leaking, ink filler losing its natural suction, ink getting splattered from the bottle, nibs getting crippled, and whatnot!

Even with all these occurrences that were quite common with fountain pens, there is a magical bond that we started to develop when we bought it or were gifted fountain pens. Read More

Closing Thoughts

Fountain pens are a joy to use for all who enjoy the thrill of inking paper, whether with pictures or with words. However, even the best fountain pen requires a proper working ground to be truly efficient. Poor quality papers can soak in the water-based, highly fluid inks used in fountain pens, smudging and ruining the entire work. Using good quality paper to write on might offer a very satisfactory experience.

Like the ones available at Ayush Paper, good-quality papers will let you draw the perfect lines with the fountain pen of your choice and preserve the effects of your subtle, skilful touches in pristine conditions.

With an Ayush Paper note book and a fountain pen, you are well-equipped to create magic and let your creativity flow unbound!

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